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Bringing Students Together

School can be hard. Don't face it alone. Collab Learning is a peer social learning platform to help connect students to study more often and more effectively

Collab Learning: Empowering Peer Learning

Finding classmates can be hard, but we make it easier!

Ask Questions and Get Answers

Message your classmates in real time

Study Together

Create and join virtual study groups with your classmates to study more often and more effectively.


Have all of your classes, announcements, and resources easily accessible on your personal and class dashboards

Motivation to Study

Receive notifications when people in your class are studying so you can study together online in real time

Studying in Groups = Active Learning

Active Learning: instructional approach where all students are asked to engage in the learning process. Students who use active learning:

  • Are 1.5x likely to pass a class
  • Significantly improve their conceptual understanding of learning material
  • Are more likely to develop critical and creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Have shown to have increased retention rates and higher scores in classes such as chemistry
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How Studying in a Group Helps Students

We’ve interviewed students on how studying in a group has helped them in school. Here's what they've said:

  • “I can kind of work with people and bounce ideas off of other people or exchange like, oh, you thought that this is going to be an important thing on the test, whereas I thought it was gonna be this…[you] get different perspectives on things, on how difficult the test is going to be on the material itself”
    - Undergraduate Student
  • “It helps to be able to bounce off ideas and maybe if you've been looking at a problem and you can't figure it out and your friends solve it, they can explain their thought process and how they solve that problem. That's helped me out before.”
    -Undergraduate Student
  • "I find it easier to ask friends because they're on the same level... and so they're able to kind of say it in a way where I can understand also because we speak the same. So it's easier for me to kind of grasp what they're saying more than a professor because they've studied this for so long, so they'll just start saying a bunch of words and it's like, I don't know what you're saying"
    -Undergraduate Student
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